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Now For the Teeth!!! Each category is for a certain shark and all categories have as much detail on
the actual Shark as possible and details about the Tooth and Location As Well.


Megalodon Shark

Auriculatus Shark

Angustiden Shark

Chubutensis Shark

Great White Shark

Mako Shark

Tiger Shark

Bull Shark

Oceanic White Tip Shark

Dusky Shark

Smooth Hammerhead Shark

Great Hammerhead Shark


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Currently on the list are
Great White Shark
Tiger Shark
Bull Shark
Oceanic White Tip Shark
Great Hammerhead Shark
Short Fin Mako Shark
Grey Nurse Shark
Sand Tiger Shark
Blue Shark
Carribbean Shark
Black Tip Shark
Galapagos Shark
Copper Shark
Grey Reef Shark
Requiem Shark
Silver Tip Shark
Dusky Shark
Sicklefin Lemon Shark

If there is a Shark that I Forgot to mention who you think would be in the Top 10
list then please contact me at and tell me the shark/s I've Missed.

From Searching Everywhere I've Come to the Simple Conclusion that The Top 3 Deadliest sharks on
the planet right now are the Great White Shark , Tiger Shark and Bull Shark! Id Have to Say the Great White and Tiger are a Close 1 & 2 ... with the Bull Shark in 3rd. Even Though the Bull shark is More "Crazy" and Aggressive then the first 2 , it is also a lot smaller there for increasing the chance of surviving a Bull
shark bite then a Great White or Tiger Shark Bite.


Stuff You Can Find on our site My Shark and Some details about them.

Megalodon - The Carcharodon Megalodon Shark was the Biggest Baddest
Predator shark that was ever in the oceans. It Was Speculated that the Megalodon Shark
Could Have Reached up to 100 Feet Long, And have Weighed over 50 Tons. Nobody Knows
the Real Answer as Sharks don't have Bones. Sharks have Cartilage instead of bones so when they
Die , they rot away instead of fossilize. The Only part to fossilize would be the teeth. The Teeth of a
Carcharodon Megalodon have Reached Over 7" Long. Now That is One big Shark , only a slim few have actually
been found over 7" and most had to be restored to reach that Glory Number. So Basically only a few dozen have been
Found at over 7 inch's and only 10% are still natural. There is also Debate on whether the Megalodon is really a
Carcharocles instead of a Carcharodon. but as with the size of the beast people will say one or the other but know
one really knows for a fact. The Megaldon Lived during the Miocene and Pliocene periods approx. 1.5 to 20 Million
years ago. People Believe that during the last of the great ice ages when everything was cooling off , the Megalodon had
to move south to warmer waters , but its food source like Whales adapted to the cold water , there for leaving the Megalodon
with not much to eat. It was Believed that the Megalodon ate over one Ton of Food a Day , and with not much food around
this is why they all died :( The Carcharodon Megladon Roamed All Over the World , its Teeth have been Found in such places
as Australia , Japan , North / South America , Africa , Europe , India and New Zealand.
Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth ... These Sharks had 5 rows of teeth in there upper Jaw containing 28 teeth in each row,
5 rows of teeth in the lower jaw containing 30 teeth in each row , Add it all up and you have 290 Teeth !
This means with 6" + Teeth on the Biggest Megalodon sharks , they would have had over 100 pounds of Teeth alone!
Overall The Megalodon Shark is one of the top 5 Deadliest Creatures to ever live on the earth. It is Absolutely
Awesome to Actually own Big Megalodon Teeth. I Highly Recommend Anyone that's a Shark Nut to Get a Hold
of at Least one big Megaldon Tooth. For Someone looking to spend a Few Hundred $ , id say try for a 4 inch or
so Megalodon Tooth. If you Want BIG and have a Few Thousands to Invest id Say Go For a 6 Inch Megalodon
Tooth. At Least the High 5 inch mark to 6 plus inch's. And unless you want to throw huge money $30K + , id say
stay away from the 7 inch ones ... as most are restored and virtually none look that good. The 6 10/16 Inch
Megalodon Tooth I have on this Site is Absolutely Insane. Just take a look at the Pictures , Every Serration is
intact , How can a Monster tooth like that have Ever One Intact. That is a True Treasured Item. Also The Best
thing about Investing in Megalodon Teeth is that They Never go Down in Price. Ok Enough about The
Carcharodon Megaldon , lets move onto the Now Present King of the Waters

... The Great White Shark.
The Great White Shark Has Been Found Up to 21 Feet Long , There have also been unconfirmed Reports of even
Larger Ones. Once Abundant in the Oceans , the Great White Shark is Now Endangered and Is One of
The Rarest Sharks. Years Ago People Where getting eaten or killed etc. by Sharks so People Went out to find
the Biggest Baddest Sharks The Great Whites and Kill them , And So Many Were Killed it is an Absolute Rarity
to actually go out in the ocean and find Even a Single Great White Shark . The Biggest Problem is they Take
a long to have Babies and they only give birth to a Few and it take years and years to for the babies to mature.
There are now Laws in almost every Country that you cannot Kill Great Whites and You Also cannot import
or Export The Great White Shark Teeth and Jaw. Great White Sharks also Named Carcharodon Carcharias,
have teeth under 3 inch's long ... the biggest modern great white teeth found are under 2 1/2 and more commonly

they have 1 1/2 to 2 inch teeth ( for the Big Ones ). They have also been weighed in at over 7000 pounds!

The Great White Shark is a Beauty ... It Should Be Respected & Protected at all Costs ... Letting a Shark like
the Great White Go Extinct would be a Huge Shame. So Please Don't Kill Them and Report Anyone who Does.
In a Few Years I'm Thinking of Having a Huge Place Built on the ocean front and Basically Breed Great Whites ,
Have a Protected Area for them to Breed and Have Lots of Babies without the fear of some Fisherman Killing
them. Then Id slowly Let the GW's go back into the ocean.

Any Comments or something you want to Say , Just Send Me an Email and ill get back to you as
soon as Possible :)


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