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Shark Teeth That I'm Buying Are ...

If You have anything that fits these descriptions then Send me an Email on
What you have and price you'd want for it/them .
( Email is Valid - Last Updated Dec. 2012 )


I'm Also Buying Modern Shark Jaws , Some of the shark jaws I'm looking for as of now would be a
Bull Shark Jaw , Great White Shark Jaw , White Tip Jaw , Great Hammerhead Jaw
and There are some others. Basically any Huge Jaw of a Shark and it must be or close
to MAX size for whatever shark, and Teeth must be all good as well.


I'm Buying in Wholesale so If you got Wholesale Jaws and Teeth CONTACT ME ASAP!!!


NOTE: Please Report anyone you find killing sharks purely for there Jaws , Teeth or Fins.
We have ZERO Tolerance policy on Anyone found to be doing so and will report ANYONE
found to be doing such things to the proper authorities.


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