We Have All Your Wholesale Needs , We Can Get You What You Want!
Small or Large Orders of Bulk Shark Teeth available. Depending on the Times
we Will Have More of one type of Shark then Another so Contact Us on what You Need!

You Don't need a Business licence to buy from us and we are part of the
most trusted name in the shark Business.


*** Awesome  Deal for Oceanic Shark Teeth in
 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch Size
( Teeth shaped like the Great White and Bottom teeth shaped like Mako shark teeth )
Awesome Price of only
$17.50 for 100 teeth Shipped
to Canada or USA.
$19.75 Anywhere in the World!
The More lots of teeth you buy the lower the cost per 100 will be !!!!
All Are Professionally Cleaned and White!

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Shark Tooth Necklaces

- We Currently do Custom Made
Shark tooth Necklaces on a MADE TO ORDER basis.
You Tell us How you want it and we do for You.
There is a Minimum Order Number.
You Pick the Size of the Teeth and How Detailed you want them.
Just Contact me at
aasharks@hotmail.com and we
will work out the details

*** Non-ENGLISH people trying to Contact me for orders.
I get a lot of emails from different people in different countries but emails must be sent to me in English , if
not they go to my spam filter and I don't see them :(  I deal WORLD WIDE ... so Id be happy
to deal with you but I cant deal with you if I never get your email!
 So if I don't write you back within a weeks time
I probably never got your message , so message me again! :)


As of December 2012 we have ...

Oceanic White Tip Teeth  5/8

Bull Shark Teeth from 3/4" up to 1 1/4"

Tiger Shark Teeth from 1" to 1 3/8"


We Have And Carry All types of Shark teeth including ...

Wholesale Oceanic White Tip Shark Teeth

Wholesale Tiger Shark Teeth

Whole sale Bull Shark Teeth

Contact me at aasharks@hotmail.com


Whether you own a Shark store or Want to try for the First time
Selling shark stuff or looking for a New Business , You Can Buy Shark Teeth
off Us In Massive Bulk and sell it for a 100% to 1000% +++ Profit!


If you Are a Shark tooth wholesaler ( Wholesale Shark teeth ) and Are looking for Huge
Massive Buyers , Contact me as I buy All Types of shark teeth in Massive Quantities and Don't
Forget Wholesale Shark Jaws as Well!

Give Me a Shout at aasharks@hotmail.com and we Can
See what Deal we Can Come up With!


 NOTE: Please Report anyone you find killing sharks purely for there Jaws , Teeth or Fins.
We have ZERO Tolerance policy on Anyone found to be doing so and will report ANYONE
found to be doing such things to the proper authorities.


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